Windy City Bulls Season Ticket Member Profile

By cquackenbush | April 5, 2017

John Zarring and his family are season ticket members of the Windy City Bulls and were proud to support the team throughout the inaugural season. 


What is your favorite Windy City Bulls memory this season?

My favorite memory for this year’s  season has been the overall atmosphere of the Sears Centre and being so close to the players and coaches. We can hear their conversations and follow the game from almost a coach’s perspective.  My kids’ favorite memories are after every game getting high fives from all the players.  They keep track and their record to date is eight.


What do you believe makes Windy City Bulls so special?

The Windy City Bulls organization provides a great family atmosphere where you can bring your entire family and have fun.  No worries about bad language or out of control fans.  The players are very approachable as well as the entire coaching staff.  I think the more kids can be involved, the more people will come to the games.  The biggest thing for my family is I can get my 8 and 9-year-old to sit through an entire game and watch.  They are interested in not only the game, but watching their favorite players compete.


What is your favorite benefit as a Windy City Bulls Season Ticket Member?

My favorite benefit was the Bowling event we did with the team.  That event was awesome and my entire family had a great time.  My son was taught how to bowl backwards and getting to bowl with some of the players was a real treat for my kids.  It also helped getting to know the team on a more personal level.  It was a very cool event.

Who were your favorite Windy City Bulls players this season: 

Ben – Alec Brown

Megan – Alfonzo McKinnie

Beth – Thomas Walkup

John – Alec Brown


Who is your favorite basketball player of all time?

-Michael Jordan