WCB Season Ticket Member Profile: Sam Mehta

By cquackenbush | April 24, 2017

What is your favorite WCB memory this season?

My favorite memory of this past season was watching the few times Wesley Saunders was so close to obtaining a triple-double, but seemed so focused on the flow of the game and of fulfilling his role and not trying to fill a stat sheet. It was just so awesome to see a player be so focused on being about a team and not a stat line. I know most people would ask, “why didn’t you get the extra rebound” or “why didn’t you just take the shot and score the basket to get the triple double?” I think a better question would be to ask; “What drives you to be so unselfish and care about winning and following through on the play design?” Also, watching Alec Brown develop into a great leader. Most leaders speak and command attention, whereas with Alec, he always led by his play and his actions. Watching the unselfishness and believing in the process from our team is by far the most favorite memory I will take away from this season.

What do you believe makes WCB so special?

Coach Nate Loenser. Coach Loenser is a gem of a person and presents himself as someone who always carries class and character at all-times. His stoic demeanor in the face of all obstacles and focus on the process resonates throughout the entire group of players.  I believe his, and AJ Guyton’s leadership towards the team, and the entire staff’s focus on fulfilling requests of fans as they arise throughout the game has manifested itself towards the atmosphere of the game night experience. WCB is special in its uniqueness towards focusing on quality and relationship building, ranging from the grounds crew, ticket sales, marketing team, leadership group, coaching staff and the players. It is truly a blessing to see a corporation run with such a strong culture and is a testament also to Mr. Brad Seymour; who always greets everyone, no matter who they are, with a smile and a handshake and asks, “How is your day today?”

What is your favorite benefit as a Windy City Bulls Season Ticket Member?

Meeting and interacting with Brad Bauer and Nick Petro as much as I could. They both work so hard at being available even if it is just a few minutes before game day and are always available to fulfill any request in a very timely fashion. The greatest benefit of any consumption of a financial transaction is to know that you are in great hands and have faith in the organization. Being a part of a family I never dreamed of, build the bonds I hope will last a lifetime, and getting to feel the love the organization exhibits towards everyone is the most essential and greatest benefit of this. The organization is quality and the staff consists of some of the most kind-hearted people I have met in my life. Thank you for becoming family for our community and representing our entire city with so much love and positivity.

Who is your favorite WCB player and professional basketball player of all time?

My favorite players would have to be Alfonzo McKinnie, Ferrakhon Hall, and Thomas Walkup. I remember there was a game where a young fan had stuck his hand out shouting to give a high five and Thomas heard him from all the way on the other side of the bench, came over, and shook his hand. Seeing the energy, the professionalism, and the manner which Ferrakohn has been not only a consummate professional, but a role model for a lot of the fans and the overall optimism he brings is something I will always look towards while engaged in any corporate endeavor and remember that one’s attitude can truly make the situation at hand not seem as daunting. My favorite professional basketball player of all time, (outside of Michael Jordan) is AJ Guyton. We grew up learning to shoot watching him during his days in Indiana and it is surreal to see how we’ve become even greater fans of AJ Guyton, the person. Mr. Guyton’s humility and professionalism is something I will never forget for the rest of my life and will also keep inspiring me as I move forward professionally