Windy City Bulls to Continue Broadcasting Partnership with NBC Sports Chicago for the 2021-22 NBA G League Season

By Kyle Brown | November 6, 2021

The Windy City Bulls, presented by BMO, the NBA G League affiliate of the Chicago Bulls, announced an agreement with NBC Sports Chicago to air each of the team’s 24 home games during the 2021-22 regular season.

Windy City and NBC Sports Chicago have reached a broadcasting agreement for the third consecutive season that will see games aired to NBC Sports Chicago’s 4.2 million viewers across Illinois, Iowa and Northern Indiana, representing the NBA G League’s largest geographic local broadcast partnership.

This partnership marks the second season that all scheduled Windy City home games will be seen on NBC Sports Chicago and its sister station, NBC Sports Chicago Plus, including 15 games that will air live on either station. The number of live games represents an increase from 10 games that aired live in 2019-20, the last season the Bulls competed in due to the Pandemic.

Nine home games will air on tape delay, with the majority scheduled to follow a Chicago Bulls or Chicago Blackhawks game. All Windy City broadcasts will also be available via an authenticated stream at NBCSportsChicago.com/WatchLive.

NBC Sports Chicago is a member of the national family of NBC’s Regional Sports Networks and has been a broadcast partner of the Chicago Bulls since its launch in 2004.

All 50 of Windy City’s regular season home and road games will continue to be broadcast on ESPN+ or NBAGLeague.com, the NBA G League’s official online streaming platforms.


Live Games
November 17 7:00 PM Motor City NBCSCH
November 18 7:00 PM Motor City NBCSCH
December 12 5:00 PM Sioux Falls NBCSCH
December 17 7:00 PM Grand Rapids NBCSCH+
January 5 7:00 PM Motor City NBCSCH+
January 8 7:00 PM Delaware NBCSCH+
January 16 5:00 PM Wisconsin NBCSCH
January 25 7:00 PM Lakeland NBCSCH+
January 29 7:00 PM Fort Wayne NBCSCH
February 23 11:00 AM Grand Rapids NBCSCH
February 27 5:00 PM Maine NBCSCH+
March 20 3:00 PM Westchester NBCSCH+
March 23 7:00 PM Cleveland NBCSCH
March 25 7:00 PM College Park NBCSCH
March 27 3:00 PM College Park NBCSCH
Tape Delay Games*
November 21 5:00 PM Grand Rapids 11/21 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
December 11 7:00 PM Sioux Falls 12/11 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
January 7 7:00 PM Delaware 1/7 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
January 18 7:00 PM Raptors 905 1/18 NBCSCH Post-Hawks
February 11 7:00 PM Long Island 2/11 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
February 12 7:00 PM Long Island 2/12 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
February 26 7:00 PM Maine 2/26 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
March 16 7:00 PM Greensboro 3/16 NBCSCH Post-Bulls
April 2 7:00 PM Capital City 4/2 NBCSCH Post-Bulls

*Tape delay games listed as Post-Bulls/Post-Hawks will be same-day tape-delay games that will air immediately following Chicago Bulls or Chicago Blackhawks coverage on those dates.