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Fan Experience Packages

Give your group a memory that will last a lifetime by booking one of these exclusive experiences*!

*Please note that Fan Experiences are exclusive to non-fundraising groups.

First/Third Quarter Break Performance

Entertain the home crowd with your group's on-court performance during the break between the First & Second Quarters or the Third & Fourth Quarters!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 50/75
Time Limit – 1 minute and 30 seconds

Halftime Performance

Captivate the home crowd with an exciting halftime performance! Whether it's a dance, musical act or another type of performance, your group will have the chance to show off your talent on Windy City's official court.

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 75/100
Time Limit – 10 minutes

National Anthem

Show off your musical abilities by performing the National Anthem or God Bless America before a Windy City Bulls game!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40


Get ready for game time by watching the Windy City Bulls player warm-ups from our courtside seats!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Pre-Game On Court

Run a quick scrimmage, shoot-around or game of “knock-out” on the Windy City Bulls home court prior to tip-off!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/50
Time Limit – 10 minutes

High Five Tunnel

High-five Windy City Bulls players as they run onto the court prior to tip-off or heading into the second half!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Red, White & Blue Crew

Present the Nation’s colors with a super-sized American flag during the National Anthem!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Anthem Buddies

Stand alongside Windy City Bulls players on the court during the National Anthem!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Scream Team Kids

Get the crowd going alongside the Windy City Bulls Scream Team and throw t-shirts into the crowd during the fourth quarter!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Post-Game Free Throws

How’s your free throw touch? Shoot your shot on the Windy City Bulls home court after the game!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 30/40

Court of Dreams

Host a league game, scrimmage, clinic or general shoot-around on the Windy City Bulls home court! Your group will receive up to four hours of court time on a Windy City Bulls game day, in addition to a Windy City gift!

Ticket Minimum (Mon-Thu/Fri-Sun) – 100/200

To learn more, please call 847-396-7070